Appointment management - very simple


In the past, the desire has been expressed again and again to enable appointment management systems, to integrate these appointments in the normal calendar.

Solution approach

The calendar "Lightning" integrated in the e-mail client "Thunderbird" makes it possible to integrate external calendars (available as ics files). In case you do not know this possibility yet, we have written a small Instruction.

With this application you can create such a calendar in no time at all. Then you integrate it into Thunderbird-Lightning and manage it easily in your calendar application next to your other appointments. Appointments entered in the new calendar can be booked interactively via the Internet by your customers or partners and you see and edit the booked and still available appointments in your calendar application.

Just try it out with our demo calendar.

Demo calendar to try out

Here you can try out the demo calendar from the perspective of an appointment seeker. You will receive an appointment confirmation by e-mail incl. PDF- and ics-attachment.
To integrate this calendar into Thunderbird-Lightning, please follow our instructions and test the application as a calendar provider.

Create your own calendar

Register via the registration form. You will then receive the access data to create your own calendar. Registration is not binding for you and can be used free of charge for 30 days. The free test phase ends automatically after the 30 days mentioned.

Should you decide during the test phase to use the application permanently, this is possible at low cost. Per calendar we charge 10,- € (plus VAT) per month with half-yearly billing.
You will not incur any further costs. You can cancel the service at any time at the end of the month.